• Multiple Divisions Spring and Fall Leagues

    14 Week Regular Season
    Special Events
  • Multiple Divisions Spring and Fall Leagues

    14 Week Regular Season
    Special Events
  • Multiple Divisions Spring and Fall Leagues

    14 Week Regular Season
    Special Events
  • Multiple Divisions Spring and Fall Leagues

    14 Week Regular Season
    Special Events
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SFDL Updated

September 28th 2016
To the membership of the SFDL,
This past month the Board posted on our web site and sent out an e-mail,to all Team Captains, informing every one of the up-coming elections and a call for nominations of offices on the Board of Directors.
The cut-off date for these nominations was set for the 18th of September.
I was very disappointed to see that not one nomination was submitted. The offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Recording Secretary, go unfilled.
That means other officers, of which are few, are saddled with more than they should have to handle.
Normally these positions, with a couple of exceptions, require little more than a few hours per month.
The single most time consuming function of the board, is the “Board of Directors Meetings”, which happen just once per month, usually held the second Monday of each month. They usually take from one to two hours, depending upon the matters that need to be considered.
The beginning of the meeting is taken up with reports from each executive member detailing what has happened since the last meeting and what, if anything, needs to be done to correct or mediate any potential problems.
The remainders of the meeting usually consist of discussions directed towards any ideas of how to improve and “Grow” the League. Which break out to, “What do the players want”?, what do we need to do to increase player turnout to “Special Events” ? The “Special Events” are the 501 singles and doubles and Cricket singles and doubles. Also included in the “Special Event” category is the Awards presentation / Chicago event.
I realize that most of the membership is not competitive in nature; you just want to play darts, socialize and have a few drinks. Go to wherever you’re scheduled and have a good time.
But keep in mind, someone has to set up your schedule and plan out all of the logistics to make it all work. It takes a lot of people to make all of these things come together. From the sign up meeting thru the Captains meetings, there are a lot of people pulling together, with a depleted Board; it only makes things more difficult and time consuming.
We need your help! As President, I’ll keep the nominations open until the 14th of November.
It really won’t make that much of a difference, as no one has stepped forward, to hold an election with everyone running unopposed. I REALLY, hope at least one of you will seriously consider running for an office.

Nominate yourself if need be! Send nominations to: results@sfdl.org.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tom Carroll President SFDL

Congratulations 2016 Spring Champs!

A - Expendables III
B - Heat Seekah
C - Sparkle Motion

Congratulations 2016 Top Gun Team!

Robert Adams - Captain
Mike Hathaidharm
Pakorn Tatsuwandee
Jhun Catanyag
Craig Cudney
Marc Aquino
Kimber Sterling
Erwin Ganschow
Bert Jensen
Niels Juhr

Please take a minute and read all about the Top Gun Tournament and our road to victory this year!

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Robert Adams
Information Technology Officer

SFDL Calendar Upcoming Events


11.14.2016 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


12.12.2016 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Every Saturday Night Darts in the City!

Every Saturday Night our own Al Susor sits at Tim's Four Deuces Bar [2319 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116] Waiting for you to come take his money!

Blind Draw Chicago is the name of the game and Every Saturday at 7:00 you can find Al and sign up. $10 a head!

Right now there are two mystery outs and a 3rd one is will grow when the first 2 are filled!!
Come get your money :)

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Champions Present and Past

  • 2016 Spring A League Champions

    Expendables III
    Shooting out of Bar Dolores
  • 2016 Spring B League Champions

    Heat Seekah
    Shooting out of 93 Club
  • 2016 Spring C League Champions

    Sparkle Motion
    Shooting out of The Broken Record
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Board to Board Newsletter

SFDL Calendar


Local Tournaments

  • Tim's Four Deuces +

    Draw Doubles
    Every Saturday, 7:00pm sign-ups, 7:30pm play
    They are up to 2 Draws!
    2319 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116 (Between 33rd/34th Avenue at Taravel)
  • Albatross +

    Every Tuesday night
    Different partner for each of 5 legs, best records advance to Chicago Doubles semi-finals
    7:30-8;00pm sign-ups, 8:15pm start
    1822 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
  • Buffalo Billiards +

    Every Friday night
    8:00-8:30pm Sign-ups, 9:00pm start
    246 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952
    Format depends on amount of people (usually Chicago doubles or singles)
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