Darts Etiquette


Dart etiquette is an important aspect of darting. Just because your darts may not be obeying your every command, this is no reason to whip your third dart at the board if you bust your score or kick the wall while retrieving your darts.

Likewise it's no place to curse a fellow darter who may be giving you too much info, while your shooting! Even your opponent could be rattling his darts 3 inches behind you. Be patient, pause, turn around and ask nicely for the annoyance to stop while you are at the oche. After the match explain in a calm voice the distraction.

Welcome to the world of Dart Etiquette. Please no swearing, tossing darts anywhere but at the board, heckling opposing teams or players while at the line, wagering on a match or game in which that member's team is involved, these are all no-nos in the SFDA and at most other organizations.

It is also very bad etiquette to pass gas at the line. You may think its funny, but your opposing player, chalker and anyone in the close vicinity do not.

Try and turn off your cell phone while playing in a match, because, guess what, it's a distraction!

Any physical confrontations brought to the board of directors attention, shall be investigated and acted upon accordingly. In other words don't do it, we're all adults here.

At the start of a dart match all players of opposing teams shall shake hands (bump fists - whatever), at the end of all games there is also the parting hand shakes/fist bumps.

Before an individual match or doubles match it is customary to wish the opposing players good luck and, yes, another hand shake. And whether you win or lose, a parting good game asserts the fact that you have great etiquette!