If you are new to chalking, let the players know and do not be offended by corrections to your math. Even seasoned veterans make mistakes!

Stand within arms reach and angle your body so you can see the darts land and the players can see their score from the line.

Take your job seriously! Wait until the third dart is thrown and never lean in to examine a first or second dart, unless, asked by the current thrower.

Always put the number scored on the outside and the score remaining on the inside. Always put the number scored on the outside

After you have subtracted the total score thrown, cross off their last score and their last remainder score, leaving only the current remainder not crossed off.

When you run out of room at the bottom of the score board, between turns, erase the numbers from the top, leaving a few scores at the bottom. (this is in case there needs to be a math correction) Start at the top again, and after both opponents throw their darts and a new remaining score is at top, then you may erase the lower part of the board.

Make sure your hand writing will be large enough and neat enough so the players of the match can read it well and see the difference between a 1 and a 7.

The chalker is neutral, which means no matter what team or affiliation the chalker has, he/she may only call out the total score or the remaining score (if asked).
Never may a chalker tell a player that he/she has a double 16 left, only that 32 is their remaining score.

If, per chance, there was a scoring error, that score must be changed before that same player throws again or it stays as is.